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Mind Business Consultancy

Managing change through people - organisations and individuals

Workshops coming up for professionals:

Practical Alternatives to Self Ham 101 An intro to this approach using the APEX model.

Practical Alternatives to Self Harm 201  More on how to use this approach using the APEX model. (101 a pre-requisite).

Practical Alternatives to Self Harm 301  

A step by step guide to deliver a group (101 and 201 pre-requisites).

Borderline Personality Disorder 101 - an introduction.

STEPPS (Systems Training in Emotional Predictability & Problem-Solving)

STEPPS101 & STEPPS 201 versions (intro and then applying it as with ASH above).

Supported Assessments 101 webinar - intro to offering these if you are an ACC approved assessor.

Supported Assessments 201 webinar - more complex follow on from the Supported Assessments 101.

See GROW website for latest offerings in 2020. This includes Supported Assessments 101 online one-day webinars.This has been so popular we are offering it regularly.

Registration open now:


Note revised dates on the GROW website.

Many workshops have been adapted to webinar options.

More to come!

Groups for clients:

Alternatives to Self Harm (ASH)©

12-week group for client to learn new skills to manage distress - explore the needs met by self harming in a supportive group and learn to match those needs with alternative strategies. Clients feedback is consistently positive about the changes this group made for them and their new found confidence as well as readiness for other therapies.

ASH Workshops teach you as a practitioner how to deliver this group.

Mindfully Managing Mood

10-week group to learn how to use mindfulness to become more present with difficult thoughts and feelings and to experience greater control over stress in your life. Mindfulness is a very popular approach with lots of relevance to build hope for a life worth living.

Expressions of interest welcome. No groups will be offered at current level of COVID-19 risk.