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Mind Business Consultancy

Managing change through people - organisations and individuals

RESOURCES for recovery - some ideas that you might like to try yourself

SLEEP Hygiene

Sleep is often a big issue when you are stressed. Sleep hygiene helps you make changes to things you are doing that might be making sleep even more difficult.


TIME OUT strategy

Coping with intense emotions in the heat of an argument is a tough call. Here's a Time Out strategy you and your loved one might find handy. Remember to plan it together when you are not wound up!  

The Victim Triangle is a useful resource to understand interactions and how easy it is to fall into old ways of responding. See this resource for how you could resolve this!

XYZ strategy

If you use self-harming ways of coping right now like cutting or some other form of harmful activity like drinking to excess, and you would like to stop but don't know how here's an idea to check out. Try thinking about how the harming is helping i.e. try and identify the purpose or need it is serving. Make a list of other ways to meet that need, and try them out.

When you find 3 that are your preferred choices, use this XYZ Contract with yourself to help you delay the urge to use the self-harming and use those 3 top picks first! Give each of the 3 things a go and allow time to try them out. Many times you will find the delay this creates helps you overcome the urge to harm yourself and you might discover new ways to handle the stress in your life.