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Mind Business Consultancy

Managing change through people - organisations and individuals

All testimonials have been published with the permission of the people named below:

Business transformation

Diane's strategic thinking and planning continue to astound me it's beyond the square, inspirational and thought provoking. UHCS have lost a talent that could have seen the service fly. Dr Viv Peterson, General Practitioner, University Health & Counselling Service, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Diane brought drive and professional determination which enabled her to develop local psychological services and contribute to a broader organisational service improvement agenda. Diane is passionate about improving clinical outcomes for patients and promoting effective multi-disciplinary arrangements. David Tamsitt, Director of Mental Health, Kent & Medway NHS Trust, UK.

Diane's contribution to review and redesign of services has been invaluable. She is dynamic, proactive and puts excellent clinical care at the heart of her work whilst balancing the need to achieve optimal efficiency. Her work has demonstrated her ability to link across stakeholders achieving best possible outcome for service users and services. She is an asset to service development and organisational transformation. Philippa MacDonald, Head of Service Redesign, Kent & Medway NHS Trust, UK.

Program development

One of the most forward-thinking, dynamic professionals I have had the pleasure of working with in the field of mental health. She has that rare combination of seeing both the big picture and accomplishing the detailed work to achieve it with competence.

Nancee Blum, Social Work Specialist & Clinical Faculty, University of Iowa College of Medicine, USA.


Diane took over the management as Director, of two Auckland University welfare services. These were to be merged into the University Health & Counselling Service. She successfully undertook this difficult task with speed, stamina, tact & great efficiency at all times mindful to encourage staff opinion & participation in decision making. Diane departs from the Service leaving it in great shape & will be greatly missed. I would love to work with her again should the opportunity arise

Dr Pat Mauger, General Practitioner, University Health & Counselling Service, University of Auckland, New Zealand

An innovative and organisationally focused individual able to work collaboratively and co-operatively with others. She has a clear vision, strong leadership skills, a strong awareness of equality and diversity issues and has great all round communication skills. Great to work with!

Dr Vaughn McGill, Area Lead and Consultant Clinical Psychologist, UK

Professional Supervision

Excellent supervision services that enabled me to progress in expertise and to provide a good service to my clients.

Joanna Camilleri, Registered Clinical Psychologist, NZ.


I thoroughly recommend Diane Clare. By working with her and utilising EMDR techniques, the trauma-created images in my head went from un-filed, and incredibly distressing in the present, to filed and simply a set of events that once happened! I can still see the images from my past but I am not a hostage to them. It was almost as if they were physically moved into a new filing cabinet. I have found peace. Thank you Diane!

Andi (Senior Social Worker) CMDHB.

I have not felt so safe with someone so immediately before and I have seen a lot of counsellors in my life. You listened to me, you supported and sometimes challenged me but more than anything you offered me hope! Thank you Diane. Client wished to remain anonymous.

Diane you are a people whisperer - you helped me and others learn to understand about self harming and better still to find new and more helpful ways of handling our difficulties. Thanks for inviting me back to help other groups. Isobel (attended Alternatives to Self Harm program).


Feedback from professionals attending the Alternatives to Self Harm Workshops 1 & 2:

'I got so many ideas for my practice and not just about working with self harm although I came for that and got heaps out of the 2 days!'... 'You bring a wealth of knowledge and the human touch to what you do - I want more!' .....'Roll on workshop 2' ....'I cannot thank you enough for this inspirational and oh so practical training'....'I hope you are going to give us more workshops especially about working with PTSD and more opportunities about working with dissociation and other trauma related difficulties.' ...'Diane you Rock!' ....'Thanks for coming to our place as it made it far less expensive than us all travelling and thanks for a fantastic two days' oasis in my busy working life!' ....'Loved the humour - it made it for me'.

Feedback from professionals attending the Alternatives to Self Harm Workshop 3

'Your approach to teaching about the ASH Group was practical and effective'. 'I am looking forward to your plan to publish the manual so I can have it for ready reference'. 'Excellent training'.

Feedback from professionals who attended Interviewing Complex PTSD & knowing when to open your Parachute

'A difficult topic handled sensitively and with great knowledge base.' 'So helpful to get a practical approach to this topic.' 'Brilliant session - and fabulous sense of humour made it a really enjoyable day'. 'Good value for money.'

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